GNS Research Prize


This award was established to encourage students (undergraduate and medical students) and young physicians-in-training to explore the world of the brain and nervous system through research, including but not limited to laboratory, clinical, and basic science research.


To identify and reward students (undergraduate and medical students) and young physicians-in-training whose scientific skill and talent indicate potential for scientific contributions in the field of neuroscience and clinical neurology.


All entries will be reviewed by a panel of physicians and scientists who are actively engaged in neuroscience research at academic institutions throughout Georgia and the US. Winners will be selected through two rounds of competition.

Winners will each receive a $1,000 prize.  Winners will be expected to present their research work at the 2018 GNS meeting in the form of a poster presentation and 15 minute platform presentation.

Winners must attend the GNS meeting to receive award and recognition.


  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled in an accredited institution located in Georgia, aiming for a BS or BA degree
  • Medical students must be enrolled in an accredited Georgia based medical school, aiming for a MD or DO degree
  • Doctors-in-training (interns and residents) must be employed by an accredited Georgia based Medical Training Program
  • Applications must represent original research (including but not limited to laboratory, clinical, basic science research) as well as the original written work of the applicant
  • Each project should be the work of an individual student; group projects are not eligible (teachers, mentors, and professors are encouraged to provide guidance as needed, but must allow each young researcher to demonstrate his/her own creativity)
  • If commercial funding was obtained for project, full disclosure must be made
  • Family members of the judges, the GNS Board, or GNS staff are not eligible to apply

Application Process (2 Steps)

  • Step 1 – Complete online registration form (Click here to register)
  • Step 2 – Create and submit 1 (one) PDF document with the documents listed below, in the listed order.
    • Maximum 300-word abstract
    • Research report (20 page max not including abstract, double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins
    • Bibliography
    • Acknowledgements
    • Curriculum Vitae

Any submission not following the the above rules will not be considered.


Judging Criteria

All project entries received by the deadline date will be judged by physician and scientist members of the Georgia Neurological Society based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to Neuroscience

The problem being investigated concerns the brain or the nervous system including, but not limited to: anatomy, physiology, pathology, function, and behavior. Behavior and psychology projects are not encouraged unless there is a clear link to neurophysiology.

  • Creativity

Creativity will be based on the originality of the problem solving approach, even if the specific problem being addressed is not a new or unusual one.

  • Interpretation of Data

The scope of the hypothesis and methodology is feasible. The potential significance of the experiments is placed in the proper perspective. Potential pitfalls of the methodology or interpretation have been addressed.

  • Research Reports

The report is organized, well-written, and the accompanying figures and tables are clearly labeled and readable.


After the initial round of judging, a few submissions will be deemed as “finalists”, whose projects will be reviewed by additional judges to select the winners.

The winners will be selected based on the judging criteria listed above.


The 2017-2018 Research Prize application process is now open.  Please start with Step 1 – registration.

Deadline for sending us your research report (and all associated documents) is January 31, 2018.

Application status will be sent to all research entrants in early February 2018.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sudhir Athni:

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