Biography of Dr. Laurie Mischley

Brief biography of Dr. Laurie Mischley ND, MPH, PhD

Dr. Mischley studied naturopathic medicine (ND) at Bastyr University.  She then studied epidemiology (MPH) and nutritional sciences (PhD) at the University of Washington. Her work is focused on identifying the nutritional requirements unique to individuals with neurodegenerative diseases. She has published studies related to coenzyme Q10, lithium, and glutathione deficiency in PD.

As a clinical researcher, she has worked with the FDA, NIH, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation to administer intranasal glutathione [(in)GSH], to individuals with PD. Drawing on expertise in radiology, epidemiology, nutrition, neurology, and naturopathic medicine, she is attempting to determine whether (in)GSH boosts brain glutathione and improves health.

Dr. Mischley has served on the Bastyr University Institutional Review Board since 2010 and regularly provides mentorship to students interested in integrative medicine research. She founded the social purpose corporation, NeurRx; developed an outcome measure to assess PD severity; and is author of the books Natural Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease and Cannabis Use SurveyInsights, Confessions, & Opinions.

She has given presentations on Parkinson’s Disease research at conferences in the U.S. and abroad.  The following are some of the recent poster presentations:

Dr. Mischley maintains a small clinical practice at Seattle Integrative Medicine where she works exclusively with patients with Parkinson’s.

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